The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher

The Clockwork Crow would have captured my heart as a child, it’s the type of book that led me to fall in love with reading. It’s full of humour, magic, and mystery, with Catherine Fisher beautifully weaving Welsh mythology into the gothic Victorian setting.

Seren, a spirited young orphan, journeys to a remote manor in Wales with hopes of finding a place she can call home. Her hopes are dashed when she finds the inhabitants bereft following the mysterious disappearance of a child. All signs of blame point to hidden, icy figures who steal children, based on the “Tylwyth Teg”. The tatty, chatty Clockwork Crow is Seren’s only companion as she seeks them out.

Overall, the book was a fun treat for my inner child and I’ll be looking out for more of Catherine Fisher’s work. 😊

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