The Binding by Bridget Collins

With The Binding, Collins conjures up a world that’s somewhat reminiscent of a 19th century England, with a twist. In this world, people’s deepest, darkest memories can be found written in the pages of books. It is the book binders who free people of their unwanted memories and transfer them, making both binders and books feared throughout society.

Collins immerses us into this world through the eyes of a poor farmer’s son, destined to be a binder, who falls in love with the son of a wealthy, powerful family.

The villains far outnumber the heroes in The Binding but a message of hope still shines.

Although I found the pace at the beginning perhaps a bit too slow, I eventually got drawn into the flow of the writing. Nature is used to reflect the state of the characters, when things are going well it’s Spring, it turns to snow and darkness when it isn’t. There was a point towards the end of the book, specifically, where I built up a picture perfect scene and could almost feel myself in it as I read.

I enjoyed this imaginative, immersive love story and would recommend to others.

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