The Velvet Fox and The Midnight Swan by Catherine Fisher

The Velvet Fox and The Midnight Swan are the final two books in Catherine Fisher’s Clockwork Crow trilogy. As with the first book, these both felt like a treat for my inner child. I devoured them on a train journey from North to South Wales, following a magical folklore-themed writing retreat. I was lucky enough to meet and listen to Catherine Fisher read at said retreat. 😍

It was easy to get swept away in the story’s spell as my train zipped through the beautiful, rolling hills of North Wales. The delightful mixture of Welsh mythology, lyrical writing that makes full use of seasons, and amusing characters had me hooked. We’re introduced to villains conjured from swirling Autumn leaves, a parliament of owls, fairies gate-crashing a Midsummer’s Ball, amongst other treasures.

Highly recommend for children or my fellow adults who never stopped enjoying stories of magic.

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